Real Estate Investing (Part 7)

Rinse and Repeat (Part 7 of 7)

So by now I hope you have a very clear understanding of how I got my start. Along the way, hopefully you have taken a few steps to find your niche and at a minimum started to dig in.

But I’d be remiss in not taking the time to end here with confirming how you must rinse and repeat your successes. And yes, I assume you have success because you will if you commit to taking action within your niche.

Think back to the first time you learned to ride a bike or swim or drive a car. There was a heavy learning curve but once you got it it was only a matter of repeating the same action over and over again. This is no different.

Treat every bruised knee or gulp of water or dented fender as an opportunity to improve and learn. Soon you will find that success is the norm. And with every repeated success you are one step closer to your goals.

For me it was after about a full year of self educating and a lot of bruises. When that first deal came I stepped back and said to myself, “How do I repeat this?” I started to study how I got there and set out to repeat it. Soon I was staring down my second deal and then third and so on.

Even after doing this for a couple of years I still track each element of all my deals. I do this to keep track of how to improve to find the next deal. This also forces me to consider ways to be better and provide quality service to those I work with.

As you set out within your niche I’d encourage you to carefully observe and apply what you learn from your successes and failures. If you do this from the beginning the learning curve will be greatly reduced and you’ll find yourself in a position for repeated success.

Godspeed on your journey.


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