Real Estate Investing (Part 1)

In The Beginning

I’ve been asked many times in the last year or so how I got started in real estate and what the process of launching a company has looked like. After being asked this so many times I thought it might benefit others in sharing my experiences in a series of posts. I hope you find insight and inspiration for your goals from these posts.

When I started this real estate journey I was working full-time for a company where I logged a lot of time behind the wheel. At some point in those couple of years of driving I got tired of listening to the same 10 songs on what seemed like every radio station. So I made the shift to talk radio. That pretty much made me anxious and angry, neither of which served me well behind the wheel of a two ton projectile speeding down the highway.

One evening at the dinner table I began to spout off all the news from the day, with a side of anxiety and a ladle full of angry, only to have my wife interrupt me with this statement, “You need to start podcasting.” I think my exact words were, “Pod what?”

I mean I had heard of podcasts before but I didn’t know it could be a verb. But a few days later I was hooked on multiple recommendations from her list of regulars. By the end of the next week I had decided Adnan was innocent and that “Stuff You Should Know” really was, stuff you should know. Then since I was always talking about being self employed a friend of mine recommended podcast (Entrepreneur On Fire, hosted by John Lee Dumas). I was hooked immediately.

I was hitting the play button at x2 speed and rolling through these things for at least 3 hours multiple days a week. I think my wife would have preferred that I went back to talk radio because everyday I came home I’d have a new idea for a business. But one interview finally landed, real estate investing.

We had toyed with the idea before as we lived in multiple homes over the years as we remodeled them, but in this episode the investor he interviewed referenced how he’d started with wholesaling – a no money needed method for getting your foot in the door with investing. The money component was always the hurdle we couldn’t nail down.

After some searching online I quickly learned about the strategy of being involved in real estate through wholesaling. It was real and it really helped people get out of properties they could not afford for any number of reasons.

I shifted from my daily dose of EOFire to multiple podcasts on investing and it legitimized wholesaling as a way to get this investing train on the tracks. Podcasting (turns out it is a verb) took on a new role for me as I set out to get an education in the world of investing.

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