Real Estate Investing (Part 5)

Implement Systems (Part 5 of 7)

So on the heels of last week’s topic of developing strategies (here), this week I wanted to address implementing systems. And I’ll tell you now, I could camp-out here for a long time. I love reviewing and improving systems within organizations. Give me chaos and I’ll get everyone rowing in the same direction pretty quickly.

The challenge, as I have learned, in operating a business is getting yourself out of the systems so you can manage the implementation of the systems. This is very difficult for a guy like me. I like writing the system, testing it, tweaking it, perfecting it, and then doing it all over again.

This is counter-intuitive to running a business because I can literally get stuck on one step for days or weeks and suddenly everything has come crashing down around me. I have almost crushed myself under the weight of trying to get my systems so perfect I’ve abandoned basic functions of following up with leads or allowing calls to go unanswered.

With all this said, your business will live or die by systems. Through my mentor I came to understand why this was so important in scaling. Being able to step out of doing daily tasks meant I had to have a trainable and repeatable system for each process within my business.

After reviewing everything I was doing I began tracking my time and finding ways to train someone to do what I was doing. Soon multiple daily tasks that were draining my day were placed on the shoulders of my VA in the Philippines. This allowed me to focus more on deals and making sure no lead was left behind.

By recapturing this time I have been able to further streamline other systems and prepare for bringing on other people to be a part of what I am doing.

My advice here is to begin to track each step you take in the process of a transaction. From lists, to marketing, managing leads, follow up, deal structure, and closing. Make a Google sheet that has a tab for each process you need to build a system for and then start making notes on the specifics of each step.

Soon you’ll have a complete picture of each step involved in every part of your process. Once you have this in place you can task and train these steps to others. This will allow you to get out of the daily chaos that is draining your time and energy.

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