Real Estate Investing (Part 7)

Rinse and Repeat (Part 7 of 7) So by now I hope you have a very clear understanding of how I got my start. Along the way, hopefully you have taken a few steps to find your niche and at a minimum started to dig in. But I’d be remiss in not taking the time … Continued

Real Estate Investing (Part 6)

Stay Current (Part 6 of 7) I’ve been at this a relatively short time. About two years. In that time the market has changed. A lot. Staying current has been a challenge. I seem to be speaking in short sentences. Two years ago we were on the threshold of a Presidential election cycle that was … Continued

Real Estate Investing (Part 5)

Implement Systems (Part 5 of 7) So on the heels of last week’s topic of developing strategies (here), this week I wanted to address implementing systems. And I’ll tell you now, I could camp-out here for a long time. I love reviewing and improving systems within organizations. Give me chaos and I’ll get everyone rowing … Continued

Real Estate Investing (Part 4)

Develop Strategies (Part 4 of 7) Not gonna lie here, the first year of doing this, “strategy” was not my strong suit. I was like the kid who lobbs three pointers because I was afraid of what I’d get into if I drove to the basket. It was easier to stand back and hope I … Continued

Real Estate Investing (Part 3)

Taking action (Part 3 of 7) While each niche within real estate investing has unique risks and challenges to overcome, the biggest hurdle is in your head. You must be willing to implement the strategies you are reading about or listening to. To do this there is no magic bullet. You just need to start. … Continued

Real Estate Investing (Part 2)

Committing to Learn (Part 2 of 7) If real estate investing is the route you are choosing for your future, then committing to learn will be key in how successful you are in making it work. For me it started with podcasts and quickly followed by reading multiple investment books. Once I started listening to … Continued

Real Estate Investing (Part 1)

In The Beginning I’ve been asked many times in the last year or so how I got started in real estate and what the process of launching a company has looked like. After being asked this so many times I thought it might benefit others in sharing my experiences in a series of posts. I … Continued